Saturday, 15 December 2018
28 December 2011

Labour Waste £11.8 million on Slough's Slug

Making brand-new bus station usable by passengers will cost millions more

Last week, Cllr Ted Plenty (Lab, Foxborough) publicly explained that Labour's ghastly mini-bus station. the Slough Slug, would eventually get better - but only after Labour spend more millions of tax payer's money sorting-out this appallingly bad disaster.

Cllr Plenty seemed to put all the blame on Slough Borough Council staff.

One wonders why Cllr Plenty has forgotten the miniature bus station, the Slough Slug, with no proper shelter from wind, rain or snow and far too small for all Slough's bus routes, was actually planned, designed, constructed, supervised and approved by local Labour councillors including Labour boss Cllr Rob Anderson (Farnham) and his deputy Cllr James Swindlehurst (Cippenham Green).

Cllr Plenty's claim things will get better one day is worrying because all the alterations and improvements - which should have been incorporated into the basic design before the building work started, not after the Slug has been finished

Labour's pathethic attempts to improve the bus station mess they created will cost the public even more money.

So far £11.8 million has been spent on this horrible and inadequate slug monstrosity. How much more public money is Cllr Plenty and his incompetent Labour councillors planning to spend on Slough's laughing-stock Slug?

Labour councillors created this terrible disaster. I think they should pay for the alterations out of their own pockets. It might teach them to stop wasting the public's money.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.