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24 January 2012

Slough Town Centre - A Disaster Zone

Businesses Killed-off by Labour Council's Mismanagement

Everyone knows Slough's Labour council have messed-up our town. The evidence is everywhere including Chalvey, Cippenham and the Town Centre.

Labour's rising star Cllr Edward Plenty publicly claims Labour's latest disaster, their miniature bus station, the Slough Slug, which cost the public £11.8 millions, will one day get better - but only when Labour spend even more millions to alter their Slug nightmare.

£11,800,000 could have been spent on reducing council tax, supporting senior citizens, teenagers and children.

Cllr Ted forgot to mention the old bus station could have been smartened-up for less than £1 million.

Labour's very expensive Slug bus station is so small that some passengers are forced to queue outside in the street with no shelter or seats. Labour's wonderful Slug bus station means passengers can get soaked in the pouring rain waiting for a bus. No one ever got wet waiting for a bus inside the old bus station.

Labour's wealthy local clique is turning Slough into a third-world tower-block slum with a motorway running through the centre.

Labour has killed-off our High Street. It is full of betting shops, including 3 from one company, £1 shops, pawnbrokers, pay-day loan shops, fast food shops, charity shops, abandoned shops and offices. Who can be proud of this social decay ?

After 6:30 p.m. the High Street is dead. At the eastern end poor and hungry unemployed congregate in the doorways of disused premises.

Labour and its local boss Cllr Rob Anderson (£26,000 a year plus expenses paid by council tax payers) have brought this once flourishing and well respected town to its knees. Labour forced-out Thames Valley University because Labour wanted to build 1,600 flats on the site.

I do not want the new public library in the High Street to be demolished for another cheap budget-rate hotel, yet Labour have already flogged-off the building to property speculators. The replacement library will be much smaller.

Will Cllr Ted be brave enough to tell his fellow Labour loony councillors to stop wrecking our town ?

The pathetically dismal Tories do not have a clue, except at election time when all their phony promises and claims materialise. No wonder they are a dying party in Slough.

Who honestly cares about our Town ? The council does not; neither do Conservatives nor Labour. Its time for a Slough uprising to repair and restore Slough's lost pride, hope and success. We must create a better place for Slough's citizens and their families not flood our dying town with 40,000 new people.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party