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1 February 2012

Council Meeting or Children's Bedroom ?

Cllr Christine Small silences public asking questions

On Tuesday evening this week I attended a meeting of Slough Borough Council at the Centre in Farnham Road.

Labour replaced the Town Hall's glorious and dignified oak panelled council chamber with something looking like a children's playroom with blue balloons floating near the ceiling and soft feminine curtain material draped over every wall and covering the entire ceiling.

My first thought was: Is this a woman's bedroom, a brothel or a council meeting ?

Like Labour's new Slug bus station, Labour's replacement for Slough's historic Town Hall is a dreadful and embarrassingly undignified mess.

Beneath party balloons randomly floating across the ceiling, a bizarre feeling enveloped the unwary that they were sitting in a large tent somewhere in a field. The only things missing from this unedifying spectacle were the brass band and the beer tent.

How can the citizens of Slough genuinely be proud of a Slough Council which makes such a ridiculous mockery of itself ?

Three residents including myself tried to ask public questions about important local matters but Labour councillors gave answers to questions no one had asked. When the public sought clarification of Labour's confusing and inadequate answers, they were ignored, given patronising waffle or bullied into silence.

Once again arrogant Labour are not listening to the public and the entire council is not accountable to the public who paid their often over-inflated wages.

A few opposition councillors tried to ask the meeting's chairman Cllr Christine Small some questions but Mrs Small refused to let them speak.

I felt sorry for Cllr Diana Coad who continually held up her hand for permission to speak but was totally ignored by Mrs Small.

Cllr Richard Stokes attempted to ask important questions about the surprise sacking by council officials of elected councillor Azhar Qureshi but Mrs Small, supported by council officials who told her what to say, blatantly refused to let Mr Stokes speak.

To think so many millions died in two World Wars to give us the Freedom to Speak at Public Meetings of Local Councils, yet Labour has ruthlessly trampled-over the public's right to ask questions and get proper answers from our vastly overpaid political masters. It is like living in a Stalinist state.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.