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10 February 2012

Council Kills-off Charity Helping Needy Locals

Labour Councillors prefer third booze-shop instead of charity

I find it ludicrous that Slough Borough Council are prepared to move the Slough Furniture Project Homemakers ('SFP Homemakers') charity out of the premises we have used for the past 18 years to help poor and needy people not only on the Britwell but also in other areas of Slough.

We all know that the regeneration of Britwell is going to happen, the council have been saying that for years.

SFP Homemakers charitable work has diverted many tons of good and reusable furniture from going to the landfill sites into the socially commendable objective of providing needy local families with items to improve their sparsely furnished homes. Our charity has helped many tens of thousands of local people to furnish their homes and replace worn-out items.

Britwell, where our charity is based, is one of the most deprived areas of Slough. It is where our presence and efforts are greatly needed. We want to carry-on helping the people that are on State benefits but the council wants to move us far away to tiny premises too small for us to use. Why should very poor people who depend on us be punished and deprived of a really essential local based charity dedicated to helping people in real need?

Our long record of committed charity work, over many years, shows we have successfully helped over 47,000 people in the Slough area to furnish their homes at a reasonable cost.

The council's intention to move us, SFP Homemakers, away from this area, where there is great and continuing demand for our services will deprive many people and prevent them being able to reach us, especially the elderly and disabled. A lot of our customers are in walking distance of our Wentworth Avenue shop.

If all fails and we can not stay where we are, SFP Homemakers will be in desperate need of adequate premises to be able to continue helping the public who depend on us. I think it is better for everyone if we stay in this deprived area where we do such excellent community work.

We thank all of the people who are supporting us.

Mrs Carol Weeden
Chairperson of SFP Homemakers
01753-692 535 : 10:00 am - 3 pm