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14 February 2012

Slough Council Bigwigs still failing our community

An objective appraisal of our town today - Proud to be Slough ?

I went along to the January council meeting at the Centre on the Farnham Road.

For me it was rather a sad evening. As I sat there waiting for the evenings session to start I felt that the rather tatty, makeshift hall, the venue for that evening's meeting, was somehow a metaphor for the decline that we can see in the town. That hall somehow fitted well with the image of

  • the town's empty office blocks,
  • the bomb sites around the town centre,
  • the increase of crime in the town,
  • the failure of the investment in the High Street to bring the promised results,
  • the bus station farce,
  • the attempt at vote rigging in local elections,
  • the shenanigans in the local Labour Party over re-selection,
  • the hiving off of vital local services to a foreign organisation,
  • the problems in education locally and
  • the uncertainties associated with local hospitals.

These are all things that we read about each week in our local newspapers. What has happened to our once prosperous and vibrant town? Abandoning the old town hall, part of the town's history, with its impressive council chamber is a sign of the lack of pride that our local bigwigs have in Slough. I worry about what lays ahead for the town and its citizens.

Malcolm Hellings