Wednesday, 26 June 2019
14 February 2012

Slough Town Hall Again Under Threat ?

Is Cllr 'Bulldozer' Swindlehurst planing more historic demolitions ?

The historic Town Hall building is now vacant and ready for work to commence.

There have been no guarantees that the historic fabric of the building will be protected.

Probably in about 5 - 7 years the school will close and the Labour Party in Slough, if still running the council, will say:-

The building is not now fit for purpose.

and pull it down and replace it with -- yes you have guessed it -- more flats and houses.

If it could be refurbished for a school, then why not for a Town Hall? Instead of all the expensive offices dotted around the town.

The first council meeting in the Centre, whilst staff had done their best, was akin to being in an Arabian tent. I shall have to bring a hubble bubble pipe and a large cushion to lie on for the next meeting.

Oh and democracy didn't flourish any more in The Centre than it had in the old Town Hall Building. The Deputy Mayor* gagged us on all discussion of expelled Cllr Qureshi or the manoeuvrings of the Leader with his Cabinet.

Cllr Diana Coad
Slough Borough Council

* The current Deputy Mayor is Cllr Christine Small (Labour, Kedermister)