Friday, 14 December 2018
16 February 2012

Slough : A Dump Unfit for Local Citizens ?

Public cash squandered, Traffic chaos everywhere, What disaster next ?

Slough is a town of about 165,000 people, some living in houses, flats, garden sheds and even in the garages of exploitative landlords.

Like other towns world wide, Slough should be a place fit for living in, fit for moving around in and providing both jobs and educational opportunities for all sections of our community.

Slough has a chronic shortage of decent jobs and now no university education.

The local Labour Party lead by Cllr Rob Anderson and Cllr James Swindlehurst has successfully expelled all traces of university education from our town because Labour's ruling councillors wanted the Slough College site for 1,600 small flats for poor and jobless people arriving in Slough. Labour think the poor and illiterate will vote Labour thus ensuring Slough stays a safe Labour parliamentary seat.

The local borough council has been taken over by people who clearly, by their own actions, have no affinity with our town, no pride in our town as evidenced by the disgraceful Slug bus station, the appalling town centre road works, two damning condemnations by government inspectors of council officials' shocking child protection failures, the inability to produce the council's annual accounts in a satisfactory condition and on time plus a shocking waste of the public's hard earned cash on utterly senseless frivolities.

Who can justify public cash being gleefully squandered when our town's war memorials are denied a tiny amount of cash and some care and attention ?

Additionally our council secretly sold off our public library on the corner of the High Street to property developers. Slough's spendthrift Labour council now pays rent to use the public library. The council has already transferred the library staff and stocks of our library books to Essex County Council.

Once again the local Labour Party is happy to demonstrate it has the undemocratic power to wreck our town, to waste vast amounts of our public funds and to make our lives a misery.

Labour's latest calamity, in a long history of disasters, is the absolutely dreadful traffic chaos and environmental disaster which is killing-off businesses in Chalvey and making the lives of local motorists a sheer misery.

Who on earth voted for all this ? I certainly did not.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.