Wednesday, 26 June 2019
6 March 2012

Slug Passengers Locked-out in the Cold

Labour's £12 million bus station disaster gets worse

Last Friday evening (March 2) I decided to go home by bus.

The weather was cold and I was cold too. Arriving at the open air Slug at 21:44 the departure board said I had a 15 minutes wait. No waiting rooms were open. Other passengers looked cold and uncomfortable too.

The 78 bus did not arrived. All details of it suddenly disappeared from the departures board without trace. 7 minutes overdue, the bus suddenly appeared.

Before cold but happy passengers could board the bus and try to get warm, the driver got off the bus, locked the doors and walked away without saying a word.

About 10 minutes of shivering in the night cold, a different driver appeared and let us frozen passengers get on the warm bus.

When Labour knock on your door and ask for your vote, ask Labour why they wasted £12 million of public money on this horrible Slug.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.