Saturday, 15 December 2018
7 March 2012

When will Slough's Slug be Warm and Dry ?

9 months after school children sing Slug's praises, passenger still suffer

Last June, in the Midweek Observer page 2, there was a picture showing Slough Council and the Labour councillors had assembled a school choir at the Slug. The children were singing the praises of Slough's £12 million bus station.

A few weeks ago Cllr Ted Plenty from Langley wrote in saying

... the bus station, when it is finally finished, will be a great improvement ...

After more than 9 months in full time operation, is Cllr Plenty now telling us that the Slug is still not finished? What is going on and who is responsible for this calamity rubbishing the lives of local people?

I note Cllr Plenty is a car driver and very unlikely to go anywhere by bus.

Labour's chief proponents and the most enthusiastic advocates of the Slug, Laurel and Hardy, alias Cllr Rob Anderson and Cllr James Swindlehurst, seem too scared or too unwilling to apologise to the public for the wasting of £12 million of public cash. Only a lunatic will say the Slug is a fit-for-purpose success.

Mr Mohammed Khan
Slug-free Colnbrook near Slough