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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Persecuting Crippled Motorists

Slough Borough Council at its disgusting worse

Ivan Dukes is my friend.

Ivan is dying from cancer at the Windsor Hospice.

Ivan was a fit and active man until he got multiple sclerosis (MS).

The illness made Ivan a severely disabled cripple who could not walk. Inside his flat he used crutches and swivelled on his feet trying to move about. It was distressing to see his suffering.

One day Ivan, who always tried to live independently and not to be a burden on anyone, parked part of his car on a small bit of a yellow line in Farnham Road. Ivan was gone for less than 5 minutes. He swivelled about on his crutches to collect an item from a shop.

Labour's aggressive traffic wardens gave Ivan a parking ticket. I appealed to the council. Instead of a kind and humanitarian reply, Slough Borough Council told him he should have walked to an official car park about 230m (754 feet) away which would involve Ivan having to cross the busy Farnham Road.

Slough Borough Council did not have the decency to sign their rejection letter with a person's name. The council then took Ivan to court to get their blood money. The judge threw-out the council's case. Unsurprisingly the council never apologised.

I blame the council's boss Cllr Rob Anderson and his unimpressive Labour councillors who make, and are lawfully responsible for, all the council's policies. Labour can not blame the public or the government for the council's harsh and uncaring attitude towards Slough's severely disabled residents.

It is morally wrong and inhumane to punish severely disabled drivers for parking for a few minutes on a yellow line in the middle of the day when no inconvenience is caused to anyone else. To take the severely disabled driver to court to get the money from the disabled's means-tested benefit is despicable and contemptuous.

Not everyone can walk distances unaided. We must act reasonably and kindly towards all those who are less fortunate than ourselves. There is no legal reason for any council to "persecute" disabled drivers with blue badges.

Paul Janik