Wednesday, 22 May 2019
16 June 2014

Tories reject Tory election candidate

But a dodgy person and Labour's reject preferred

Like many readers I am puzzled why Harjinder Gahir, a hard-working local resident, and loyal Conservative Party member, was considered not good enough to be a Conservative Party candidate at this year's local elections. It did not make sense, especially when the Tories selected a candidate who narrowly escaped jail for election fraud. The same person forged a Conservative Party letter used in an unlawful attempt to circumvent visa restrictions.

If the Tories are genuinely going to introduce standards of decency perhaps they should stop accepting former Labour councillors who deliberately failed to declare their ownership of a badly run-down house in Wexham Road let-out at exorbitant rents funded by Housing Benefit payments. I visited the bug-infested house in 2006. The back garden is even worse now.

The same ex-Labour councillor was a director of a shop in Wexham Road, raided by Immigration Officials, where illegal workers were discovered.

Labour refused to accept the ex-Labour councillor as a Labour Party candidate, stating in an official letter, leaked by a senior Labour Party person, that the ex-councillor's conduct was not good enough especially after his business employed illegal immigrants.

Keen to prove Tory standards are lower than Labour's, the Tories immediately offered the ex-Labour councillor a Tory candidacy. Now he is a newly elected Tory councillor.

May I helpfully suggest to the Tories that homosexuality is no longer a crime in England. Scientifically it is caused by a gene inherited from a person's mother. Will the Tories now apologise to the gay man who was rudely and angrily dismissed as a potential Tory parliamentary candidate because of his gay-ness ? No good having equality laws if the local Tories keep ignoring them.

I have no confidence the Tories will provide an effective opposition to Labour's dominance of Slough Council.

Paul Janik
Slough's Anti-Corruption Party.