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04 January 2016

NHS fat-cat pen-pushers massive pay rises

Fat-cats get 19% to 23% - nurses get 1%

I warmly wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

I would like to praise the wonderful and devoted service given by the doctors, nurses, nursing auxiliaries and all the ambulance staff. Often their work is done in private, far away from the glare of publicity. It is essential work that really matters to all of us.

I have seen some of the less glamorous and unappealing tasks these heroes routinely perform every day of the week - tasks I would not like to do - yet they do them professionally, expertly and without complaint. Very well done, I say, to all of them.

It is with amazement, astonishment and sheer bewilderment that I learn our NHS fat-cats bosses have had a massive pay rise just for doing their pen-pushing administrative jobs.

In times like these, with cuts everywhere and when we have serious doctors and nurses shortages, there is no practical or moral reason for fat-cat pen-pushers to reward themselves handsomely with NHS money when that money should be spent on nurses and doctors saving people's lives.

Daily Telegraph research reveals Wexham Park's top pen-pusher Andrew Morris, boss of Frimley Health, got a £35,000 rise giving him £215,000 plus free pension contributions plus perks plus generous working conditions and holidays.

If that was not bad enough, other Wexham Park pen-pushers got richer too - finance director Martin Sykes got a 19% pay rise of £25,000 and the nursing director Nicola Ranger got a 23% pay rise. Meanwhile hospital nurses are lucky if they get 1%.

Let us be totally honest. If these fat-cat pen-pushers can not exist on their already bloated salaries and generous perks, then they should try living on Job Seekers Allowance or on Income Support. The public do not owe these pen-pushers a living. There are plenty of very talented people out-there who can do their jobs equally well, if not better, for less money and possibly with a lot more engagement and enthusiasm.

The top salaries within Thames Valley Police (covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) while they work tirelessly to protect all of us from crimes - including murders, arson, rapes and terrorism - are substantially less than Wexham Park's top pen-pushers sipping coffee at their comfortable Frimley Park HQ, next to the M3 in Surrey.

I urge Andrew Morris and his colleagues not to accept the pay rise. Now is the wrong time. Incredible and inexcusable pay rises never serve the public. Serving the public means the public should always come first.

Let the public choose:

  • Andrew Morris' pay rise or one extra nurse ?
  • Andrew Morris' and Martin Sykes' pay rises or two extra nurses ?
  • Andrew Morris', Martin Sykes' and Nicola Ranger's pay rises or three extra nurses ?

I know what I would vote for.

Paul Janik
Slough's Anti Corruption Campaign