Wednesday, 26 June 2019
04 April 2017

Free council 'holidays' as Slough neglected

Labour boss Sohail Munawar urged to repay the costs

Last Friday's Slough Express front page announcing 1,400 tiny flats, offices, shops and sports clubs on the Thames Valley University site is another Labour nightmare coming true.

Those flats will go to outsiders whilst Slough's people will again be forgotten.

Labour's 33 councillors running the council boast that every day 45,000 outsiders flood into Slough to do the jobs Slough people can not do. Slough has many talented people who need training and advanced education to do the well-paid jobs currently done by outsiders.

Selfish Labour closed down Thames Valley University depriving Slough people of essential education and skills training.

Instead of helping Slough people into well-paid jobs, Labour want to give away town centre flats to outsiders. Once again local peoples' needs are being ignored.

It was Cllr Sohail Munawar and his Labour councillors that cut-off pensioners bus passes before 09:30 a.m. The same clowns gave us the Slug bus station.

I think Cllr Munawar should pay-back the cost of his council tax funded 'holiday' trips to China and to the south of France. There was no need to go and no benefit to the people of Slough. Once again Labour councillors are spending your Council Tax money on themselves.

So please pay-up Cllr Munawar. Give the public their money back.

Paul Janik
Independent Candidate
Haymill & Lynch Hill by-election.