Saturday, 15 December 2018
10 April 2017

Slough's Homeless & Housing Crisis

Labour neglect worsens housing crisis

Labour Cllr Zaffa Ajaib's letter (Slough Observer, 31 March 2017) criticised opposition councillors for the lamentable state of Slough's housing despite Labour running Slough Council.

Cllr Ajaib ignored Slough's homeless who sleep on our streets, in our church graveyards, on the banks of the Jubilee River and anywhere safe and quiet. Slough mothers with young children are stuffed into sub-standard bed-and-breakfast accommodation.

In November 2016 Slough Council staff told me they were turning away homeless people arriving at Landmark Place (on the corner of the High Street) an hour before the council office closed. The excuse was:

Homeless people take too long to deal with. We tell them to come back on another day.

The same afternoon a council official told me Slough Council would do nothing to help the street sleepers until January 2017. That November night at 2 a.m. I photographed frost covered cars. I printed and saved the BBC weather map showing temperatures of -3°C. Human Beings should not be wandering our streets in those harsh conditions.

Cllr Ajaib's letter states "Homeless is an issue we are taking seriously". The truth is different. Labour have neglected the homeless crisis for many years. 33 Labour councillors run the council. They have done very little except waste public money.

Labour refuse to build council homes. They have not built one council home for tens of years.

Slough has an emergency crisis on our own doorstep. Stop giving Slough homes to property developers, to private landlords who then charge astronomical unaffordable rents and to people from outside Slough. Thousands of our Slough people are desperate for affordable accommodation.

Labour's housing policy is a mess. It is wrong, bad, immoral and uncaring. Wake-up Labour and start serving the public.

Paul Janik
Independent Candidate
Haymill & Lynch Hill by-election.