13 January 2010
Labour is unfit

The shocking news that Tony Blair secretly agreed with George Bush junior to invade Iraq one year before Blair took the UK to war is another deeply disturbing revelation emerging at the public enquiry in central London.

News that Tony Blair also influenced the Dutch prime minister with a letter the Dutch premier was not allowed to keep is hot news in Holland where a panel of distinguished judges and professors have declared Tony Blair's Iraqi war illegal.

When will Blair-loving Slough Labour Party condemn Tony Blair for taking our country to war ? A war which has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and many hundreds of our brave military. Tony Blair's Iraqi war failed to find any weapons of mass destruction. It has cost our country hundreds of billions of pounds - money that should have been spent on:-

  • new and better NHS services,
  • schools,
  • adult education,
  • universities,
  • job training,
  • roads,
  • housing,
  • public transport,
  • free care for our elderly and
  • generally improving the lives of everyone living here.

When will Labour voters stop supporting a morally bankrupted national political party which causes so much unnecessary damage to our country's finances and our country's international reputation. Labour voters unquestioning support let Blair start his Iraqi war.

Labour took our country to war. The same Labour Party every year demand a Remembrance Day Tax on the public marching in Slough in memory of the honourable people who gave their lives for our country. To make matters worse Labour sent our military into battle in Iraq often without basic body armour and in canvas covered Landrovers offering no protection from bullets.

Labour's illegal Iraqi war proves they are unfit to run our country. Remember too the puzzling death of Dr David Kelly.

It was Labour that destroyed Slough's 8 children's play centres, closed Baylis Park outdoor heated swimming pool and are selling-off Kennedy Park and Upton Court Park. Labour would not hesitate to sell their own grandmother.

Labour's plans to demolish as much of Slough as possible confirms they are unfit to run our local council. The longer Labour stay in power the bigger the nightmare for everyone. Under Labour people pay higher council taxes for fewer and worse council services.

It is time for a badly needed change.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.