10 February 2010
Please STOP voting for More Labour Disasters

In 1999 Slough Council's propaganda newspaper the Slough Citizen did a phoney public consultation about Labour's Energy from Waste scheme. To fool the public Labour never explained what 'energy from waste' actually meant.

Many people though it was converting animal and human sewage and food leftovers into gas and electricity. Obviously up to no-good, Labour councillors just smiled and said absolutely nothing.

Several years later, Labour unveiled the gigantic Colnbrook incinerator. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Official documents revealed the incinerator would burn 54 tonnes of household and other wastes every hour of every day in the entire year. Documents also revealed the ash would be so dangerously toxic it would have to be placed in sealed bags packed on a sealed lorry before it could be driven away for deep burial on special contamination sites miles away.

Concerned residents discovered Labour's incinerator would also burn every hour of every day 1.1/4 tonnes of clinical wastes from hospitals (including body parts and human tissues) and radio-active wastes.

Labour reassured worried residents the winds would blow any pollution towards London so there was nothing for Slough people to worry about. Labour forgot to tell the public the winds also blow westwards from London covering the whole of Slough and the surrounding areas.

It was a shabby trick played on an unsuspecting public who foolishly trusted Labour.

The New Labour Party is very different from the honourable and trustworthy individuals who founded the National Health Service in 1948. Today there are 3 Labour MPs facing criminal trials for expenses frauds with up to 7 years in jail. Slough Council documents reveal just over 10 years ago top council officials decided not to alert the police to a Labour councillor's fraud because it would be damaging to the Labour Party.

Many Slough people are upset by Labour's intention to build 200 feet high office blocks on the bus station site and demolish Slough's historic Town Hall to make room for 550 flats.

Labour are celebrating their successful campaign, started in 1995, to move Thames Valley University off their Slough College site and build 1,600 high-rise flats.

Slough's recent snow and ice chaos left some bus services diverted for 5 days because the council never gritted the roads. Elderly, frail and even healthy young people slipped over and broke bones. All because the Labour council was too lazy to snow plough our roads and pavements. If Labour genuinely cared it would never have ignore the public's heath and safety.

Only a lunatic would vote for another 4 years of Labour disasters and mismanagement in Slough including Labour making Slough an unemployment blackspot particularly for young people. Slough needs to raise standards not sink to Labour's murky depths.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.