2 March 2010
Slough's Immigrants Sheds Crisis

Slough's booming back garden sheds industry continues to be the focus of national and local media. Countless thousands of immigrants live in sub-standard but expensive accommodation.

All over Slough thousands of accommodation sheds have sprung-up over many years. Labour controlled Slough Council has always lacked the political will to tackle the vast numbers of inhabited garden sheds.

Council inaction has encouraged these sheds to multiply out of control. Council records reveal insufficient enforcement officers was the policy of Labour, the Conservatives and the BILLD councillors.

Surprisingly the Labour government passed a law in 2008 removing all major restrictions on building back garden sheds of any description. This opened the floodgates to hundreds and hundreds of more sheds and many thousands more immigrants.

Sheds are known to contain many illegal immigrants. Unscrupulous landlords are making large sums of money from packing people into unsafe and often overcrowded sheds. Criminal gangs have moved in take a profitable slice of the Slough sheds business.

Slough's sheds crisis is so serious the government have allocated funds for Slough Council to work in partnership with the police, DWP, borders agency and tax authorities to tackle only the tip of Slough's massive sheds industry.

Everyone, but Slough Council, knows if a growing problem is ignored and left to get worse, things will eventually get out of control. This is the reality of today's Slough sheds crisis which continues to create low living standards, high rates of joblessness and increasing criminal activity.

If you want an overcrowded Slough, a poverty town, a run-down High Street (just look at it now) and more crime including street prostitution vote Labour because Labour love having their pictures in the local press but never do much to improve the lives of all the people living in Slough.

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.