17 March 2010
Labour love wasting the public's money

Spring is in the air, Slough Council claim they have no money yet Labour are working overtime to waste as much public cash as possible.

Some of Labour's disasters include the Bath Road waterfall on the corner of Montem Lane (at the top of the steps leading to the council offices), not turning-off the bus station car park lights even though it was closed for 12 hours every night (their excuse was they couldn't find the light switch), letting a property speculator living in Spain buy 42 acres of council land on the Wexham and Sough Bucks border for just £300,000 when the land was worth at least £50 million and allowing the council to become virtually bankrupt in 2002-2003.

Determined to prove how wasteful Labour can be, Cllr James Swindlehurst spent scarce public cash on putting small stones all over the cycle track from Bath Road through Baylis Park along the cinder track to Farnham Royal. It was unnecessary as the tarmacked paths were in better condition than many of Slough's potholed roads.

Rather than spend money on repairing Slough's dreadfully potholed roads, Cllr Swindle also approved very expensive wooden mile posts all along the cycle track - many in totally the wrong places. Labour are now erecting road traffic signs in Slough's public parks to tell the public they are allowed to walk on the paths. Labour are stark raving bonkers. These lunatics are wrecking Slough.

In Britwell Labour's £520,000 scheme, supported by IBR councillors, to put a dual direction cycle track on the Long Readings Lane pavement continues to upset the vast majority of residents who hate Labour's very unpopular plan.

Keen to prove Labour are also incompetent, Cllr Swindlehurst authorised the filling-in of many street drains in Long Readings Lane and the building of a few replacement drains. This makes our road prone to flooding. Every one of the new drains is wrongly constructed and badly misaligned. Lifting-up the grating reveals the full extent of problem. It will costs thousands of pounds of public cash to correct.

I urge the public of Cippenham Green ward not to vote for James Swindlehurst because Slough does not deserve another 4 years of Labour waste, mis-management and disasters. The entire borough really does need a long break from Labour.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.