12 January 2009
Slough Council ignores 2 years wait for a Light

When Slough Council installed front door lights at Britwell flats, they forget one block of 4 flats in Long Readings Lane.

This photograph was taken on Saturday night. The invisible door buzzers are outlined in white on the left of the door.

On 11 November 2006 (SOLA 009584) I asked the council to install an external front door light at this block because visitors can not see the door buzzers in the pitch dark. The high doorstep is also a dangerous tripping hazard for elderly tenants and their visitors.

On 14 November 2006 Slough Council's housing services ALMO 'People First' (also known more correctly as 'People Last' because of their many failings and disasters) stated my light request was a non-essential security improvement.

On 27 November 2006 I pleaded again to People First who said installing the light would be a courtesy exercise.

Some months later an Interserve workman arrived to install a light outside the flat's front door. He screwed a plastic pipe to the ceiling for the electrical wires then promised tenants he would finish the work the next day. He never returned. For 2 years the work has been unfinished. Neither slovenly Slough Borough Council, slap-dash Interserve or Labour - desperate to get elected - noticed. Any old crap is good enough for Slough's long-suffering public.

I have asked council housing director Denise Alder if the work will ever be completed and whether the contractor has been paid for this finished work.

The front door illuminated by a photographer's flash
Paul Janik
The Slough Party.