23 March 2009
Proud to be Slough - Not with this crap

Last week Slough Council's chief executive Ruth Bagley wrote Slough is in the country's top 10 for GCSE results. Mrs Bagley forgot that 66% of children attending Slough's best academic schools live outside Slough. The GCSE results for children living in Slough are not in any top 10 list. Some local children are excluded and receive less than a day's schooling ever week.

Mrs Bagley boasts about recycling but the recycling rates in Holland and Germany in the 1970's vastly exceeded Slough's recycling rates today. Lagging behind for 30 years is certainly not worth boasting about.

Mrs Bagley boasts about the highest concentration of European headquarters in the UK but provides no verifiable figures. Slough is flooded with empty office blocks. Slough now has more empty office desk spaces than council owned houses. Slough Council has over 120 unused desk spaces inside its Landmark Place call centre on the corner of Windsor Road which it rents at £400,000 per year.

Mrs Bagley is proud global citizens chose Slough. Slough does not want another flood of immigrants from around the world. Slough is completely full-up. Our roads are jammed with traffic. Our green spaces are being built on. Our doctors and dentists surgeries are full.

Mrs Bagley says Slough is the third most productive town in the UK but Slough Council has been trying for years to close down university education in Slough and turn Thames Valley University into another housing estate. With more people than ever before living in Slough we want university education to stay in the centre of Slough.

Mrs Bagley says Slough has attracted hundreds of millions of pounds of government money but where has all this money gone? Private companies, armies of consultants and large pay increases for senior staff? Services to the public have been cut. Other council services regularly fail the needs of local residents. Our roads are pot-holes. Some streets and pavements not swept for more than a year. Overflowing litter bins are never emptied. How can anyone be proud of this?

Second highest council tax in the country and for what? For stupid banners hanging from lamp posts saying Proud to be Slough ?

All over Slough publicly owned properties entrusted into the care of Slough Council are abandoned by the council and left to rot when they should be opened for recreational use by Slough's public. One of many examples is the pavilion in Lascelles playing field.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.