25 March 2009
Save Beautiful & Magnificent St Bernard's

Ordinary people must confront Slough's unelected council rulers. They are damaging our town.

Everyone knows Slough Borough Council is preoccupied with building as many houses as possible for the thousands of people who flock to Slough every year seeking council accommodation. The thousands never flock to Windsor, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Bracknell or even South Bucks. They come to Slough because Slough is universally known as a soft-touch.

One of many SBC schemes is to build a new housing estate on the St Joseph's School site and move 600 children across the borough to St Bernard's School.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have seen St Bernard's, especially at the rear, will be greatly impressed by its wonderful and impressive architecture, its extremely well maintained buildings and by the beautiful, tranquil, extremely pleasant surroundings. It is a school that all of us would have been delighted to attend simply because it looks so incredibly nice.

Labour-run Slough Council never cares what treasures it gleefully destroys.

St Bernard's is probably the best kept building in Slough, certainly it is the best kept school in the whole borough. St Bernard's is a worthy credit to Slough. Our sincere thanks go to those who have over the many years tenderly and lovingly preserved one of Slough's most magnificent sites.

The Catholic Church's plans to sell-off St Joseph's is against the best interests of children attending both schools. The involvement of Slough Council is worrying especially as the council do not own either school.

Everyone knows the traffic situation at the junction of Langley Road and London Road simply can not cope with another 600 children, extra school coaches, parents cars and extra teachers cars. The demolition of old historical buildings will be a terrible sacrilege.

If you agree with me, please sign the petition to save St Bernard's. A link is on www.slough.info

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.