8 April 2009
Keep Thames Valley University in Slough

Cllr Pat O'Connor's claims, the Slough Observer Reader's Forum, 3 April, that Labour wants to keep university education in Slough contradicts the official actions of Slough Labour and the official policy of Labour-run Slough Borough Council who want to build 1,598 houses and flats on the Thames Valley University site at the western end of Wellington Street, near the bus station.

A councillor for less than 2 years, Pat O'Connor has not read Slough Council web page 16972 published on 28 July 2008 which states:

Phase 2: demolition of existing structures and construction of the first residential blocks on the TVU site

Phase 3: construction of Block's 3, 4 and 5 on TVU site

or planning application P-14405-000 registered on 4 July 2008 for:-

  • 1,598 new houses and flats,
  • more vast office blocks, and
  • another new hotel.

1,598 new homes on the Thames Valley University site means 5,000 to 7,000 extra people living between the bus station, St Ethelberts' Church, the new library and the university. Where will their 3,000 extra cars go in the centre of jammed-pack and over-crowded Slough town centre?

Labour's slogan is "education, education, education" but not in Slough it seems.

Building a large housing estate on the Thames Valley University site will prevent thousands of people attending their local university and condemn many to low paid jobs in shops and sweeping the streets.

Lets invest in the tens of thousands of bright and talented people who live locally by giving them a chance to do well at university and graduate with degrees giving them better job prospects and more pay.

The UK needs highly skilled people for the jobs of the future so lets keep Thames Valley University in Slough where it belongs.


Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.