29 April 2009
Lady Diana's election leaflet delivered to Windsor voters

Slough Conservatives have chosen their best candidate to fight at the next general election but is the Conservatives' best good enough for Slough ?

3 minutes 25 seconds walk from the home of Cllr Diana Coad is a local park used by teenagers to get drunk. Empty alco-pop bottles, as many as 5 on occasions, regularly litter the young children's play area.

Prolific graffiti covers the rear wall of the adjoining Cippenham Bowls Club but neither Lady Diana, as Private Eye calls her, nor her local Liberal councillors Richard Stokes, David Munkley or Brian Hewitt seem able to get the eye-sore graffiti removed.

Lady Diana's general election campaign leaflet urges voters "Help us ensure Slough has a Conservative member of Parliament" but it was delivered a week ago by Slough Conservative's president Dexter Smith to households in the Windsor - not Slough - parliamentary constituency. Perhaps someone should explain to Lady Diana's team that Windsor voters can not vote for a Slough MP.

The glossy 4 page leaflet tells voters "Get in touch with Slough Conservatives on 01753-841115 but have the Tories forgotten to pay the bill because their number has been disconnected.

If Lady Diana had checked before it was printed she would have noticed her leaflet asks the public to contact a Slough Borough Council official who resigned 18 months ago. The leaflet misspells the official's name and also mentions a business company which no longer exists.

Is the picture of Lady Diana in Halkingcroft Wood 3 years old as some suggest and does anyone think pictures of Lady Diana with both hands in her pockets is evidence of any special ability to be a good MP ?

Slough has many problems and needs all politicians to work together for the benefit of the public who pay their wages. Most of all Slough needs politicians who get their facts right and know the difference between Slough and Windsor.

Can we expect to get Windsor Conservatives' general election leaflets through Slough letter boxes or will Lady Diana's team go back to school and learn some basic geography about our town of Slough ?

Golly Gosh. What next ?

Paul Janik
The Slough Party


1. Company which no longer exists is Slough Accord. In September 2007 Enterprise of Preston, Lancs., took-over Slough Accord. The replacement company is Slough Enterprise Ltd. The leaflet refers to Slough Accord.

2. Matt Davey was SBC's Head of Highways Engineering. He left SBC 18 months ago.

3. The leaflet spells Davey as Daveys. The source for Davey is SBC's internal telephone directory.

4. The graffiti in the SBC park in Station Road Burnham was still present on Sunday evening, 26 April 2009 at about 20:00 hours.