27 May 2009
The Heart of Slough Scheme is Bad for Slough

Last Thursday, Slough Borough Council gave a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce about the council's plans to radically alter the centre of Slough.

The biggest changes are the loss of public open spaces and views of the town, being surrounded by many new tall buildings giving Slough a claustrophobic appearance and 5,000 people living in flats between Bath Road and William Street.

Although the meeting was scheduled to start at 18:20, council director Andrew Blake-Herbert arrived an hour late because he had been busy carrying-out the Labour Party's plans to export Slough Council jobs to Northamptonshire. Labour should not be giving away Slough jobs when so many local people are unemployed.

The presentation said Slough's new town centre scheme was modelled on Sheffield in Yorkshire. Surprisingly, no other towns anywhere in England or in the rest of the world were considered as suitable examples - just the city of Sheffield with a population of 530,300 people - more than 4 times the population of Slough.

Labour is abolishing 50 years of higher education in Slough, building 1,600 flats on the Thames Valley University site, making a smaller public library on a single floor with less facilities, and will remove between 1,500 and 2,000 public car parking spaces from the centre of Slough.

Mr Blake-Herbert said Slough Council had consulted the public about the Heart of Slough scheme. No one asked me. Did they ask you?

The Heart of Slough scheme is a Labour Party plan to pack more immigrants into our overcrowded town and create many more empty town centre office blocks - all funded by government money which means higher taxes. Slough needs more jobs not more empty office blocks. There are not enough jobs for the people already living in Slough.

Our roads are congested. Our doctors, dentists and hospitals are full. Our town is full-up.

5,000 people from outside Slough being given flats on the Thames Valley University site will raise crime levels, muggings, street drug dealings, car thefts, burglaries, serious assaults, knifing and murders. We don't have enough police officers to cope with existing crime levels. Who wants this American ghetto culture coming to our town centre? I don't.

Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties stopped listening to the public years ago. It is time for a people's revolution. Lets bring public democracy and public accountability to our home town of Slough. Let Slough public vote on the Heart of Slough scheme.

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.