9 June 2009
Conservatives photocopying blank postal vote forms

Slough Conservative's president ex-cllr Dexter Smith is trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes. (Observer's (SLOB) Readers' Forum, June 8).

The facts are: a Conservative councillor let Conservative activists into a private part of the Town Hall normally reserved for personnel wearing security badges.

The Conservatives were observed photocopying large quantities of election forms. A strange occurrence because the council's elections office in the same building has stocks of these forms available to everyone including members of the public. Obviously something was not quite right.

A whistle-blower made a written statement to Cllr Smith about this strange going-on and included the words making countless copies of postal vote applications. Thus Cllr Smith could not be in any doubt that something strange was going-on, that it involved his fellow Conservatives in a restricted part of the Town Hall and those Conservatives were making countless copies of postal vote applications.

Surprisingly Cllr Smith decided not to investigate this incident. Instead he ignore it. Then he publicly ridiculed the whistle-blower stating you already know you cannot substantiate your claim.

At the time of this incident Dexter Smith was an elected councillor for Colnbrook & Poyle. Cllr Smith was the chief Conservative councillor, Leader of the Tory Group, the official Conservative Party election agent for the whole of Slough and Slough Borough Council's executive commissioner in charge of law, elections and democracy as well as transport, planning, the Red Cow roundabout and the dreadful Cumberland Avenue and Northern Road mess. Cllr Smith was paid public money amounting to three times the sum paid to normal councillors.

Why would the person in charge of the council's legal section, elections operation and democratic affairs ignore serious concerns made against a Conservative councillor for whom Cllr Smith was responsible and which involved election matters ?

A few months later a Conservative councillor and his band of fraudsters committed multiple postal voting crimes and eventually ended-up in prison for up to 4.1/2 years.

If Cllr Smith had bothered to investigate the whistle-blower's alarming concerns, perhaps the Conservative postal voting fraud would never have happened and none of the Slough Conservatives would now be behind bars leaving their wives and children to fend for themselves.

I am certain the public will welcome Dexter Smith's detailed explanation why he, the commissioner for law, legal affairs, elections and democracy turned a blind eye to worrying concerns detailed in writing about his fellow Conservatives and the photocopying of postal voting forms.

On the Tory grapevine it is said Mr Smith will be making his political comeback by contesting Upton ward at the 2010 local elections. I am sure the good voters of Upton are just as interested as the rest of Slough in knowing why Dexter Smith did not investigate the whistle-blower's written concerns of something fishy with postal voting forms.

As Dexter was the top man in the council and boss of the Conservative councillors, surely he was the best person the whistle-blower could have complained to ?


Paul Janik
The Slough Party
Campaign for the Reform of English Local Government.

source: www.slough.info/slough/s36/20070206/20070206c11.html