16 June 2009
Labour's New Telephone Tax

The Labour government's new telephone tax of £6 per line is a tax on  people and a tax on public services because every doctors, health centre, hospital, fire station, police station and council office will have to pay Labour's new tax.

Charities, religious organisations and volunteers helping the homeless will pay Labour's £6 telephone tax.

Every member of the public, even if they never use the Internet, will have to pay this new £6 a year tax. A few poor people will be exempt but only if they don't use their telephone very much.

Labour's telephone tax is supposed to improve other people's Internet connections. It will inevitably reward commercial companies and increase fat-cat salaries and shareholders' bonuses.

It would be fairer if Internet users paid themselves for an improved service - not take money from pensioners, the poor, the NHS, the fire service and the police.