22 June 2009
Heart of Slough : Labour's expensive disaster continues

Last week's Slough Observer letter (Miles Apart) by Labour's executive councillor for Opportunity & Skills, Fiza Matloob, claimed local residents voted for:-

  • the demolition of Slough's only university;
  • the demolition of the public library, the Robert Taylor building, on the corner of the High Street;
  • the removal of 1,000 car parking spaces from the town centre;
  • building more new hotels in the town centre;
  • building more new empty office blocks in the town centre;
  • building 1,600 flats on the university site;
  • building building flats on the railway station's east car park; and
  • bringing 8,000 new people to live in Slough's overcrowded town centre.

How did the public vote for this £450 million scheme if none of the choices were on the ballot paper? Telepathy?

The Slough Party wants all Slough residents to be given a vote on Labour's £450 million Heart of Slough development. The public should decide. No vote means no democracy and no public accountability.

The High Street disruptions and Tesco's traffic jams were bad but Labour's Heart of Slough bombshell will be a daily nightmare for 6 to 8 years with tremendous traffic congestion, clouds of dust, upheaval and chaos.

Not one of Slough's 41 councillors has found the courage to publicly condemn the alarming lost of our university and to complain about local students having to make a 40 miles a day round trip to Reading - over 9,000 miles a year per student. This is the same distance from Heathrow to Perth in Australia.

If 600 students make the 40 miles a day round trip to Reading, their travelling will be 5.1/2 million miles a year. That is 22 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

1,000 TVU students travelling to Reading every day makes an enormous 9 million extra miles every year. Closing Slough's only university is unacceptable environmentally damaging madness.

The Labour government's policy to abolish university education in a town with poor skills and rising unemployment means some students from poor backgrounds will be denied a chance to benefit from higher education.

Labour wants the TVU campus for building 1,600 flats and Labour Cllr Fiza Matloob claims this is what the public voted for.

Paul Janik,
Slough Party.