8 July 2009
Labour's Heart of Slough - First Signs

Few of Slough's 150,000 population know much, if anything, about Labour's 11 year old dream to transform Slough into a densely packed high-rise town.

Should Slough Borough Council have done more to inform the public about Slough's biggest ever development costing an estimated £650 million?

See for yourself what is coming. Visit the Mill Street cul-de-sac at the junction with Petersfield Avenue on the north side of the railway station.

Notice the narrow access road where parking is difficult. See the hotel tightly jammed-in at the back. On your right are the very tall unfinished flats so closely packed together. Turn left through the arch into the housing compound where young children live in flats without a place to play. No swing. No seat. Not even a tiny patch of grass.

Everything about this area is like a dense and over-populated foreign city where the sun never shines on the ground.

The council must be embarrassed because all the details are missing from its own planning map web site.

When you read this councillors you have never heard of will have voted to rip apart our town and turn it into Labour's cherished regional capital. A fantasy world where residents' needs and wishes come last because Big Red Brother knows best. You just keep paying the bills.

1,600 flats, likely to increase to 1,800, and a hotel on the university site. The central public library being demolished because Labour say it is too big and replaced by another bed-and-breakfast hotel whilst the Royal Bank of Scotland building will become high-rise flats. The bus station site and pavements near the college roundabout transformed into high-rise office blocks ready to compete with the vast abundance of brand new empty office blocks on the Trading Estate, along the Bath Road, in High Street West, Windsor Road and Herschel Street. Don't forget all the other empty offices in Slough - some have never ever been used. Why do we need even more empty offices in Slough ?

1,000 to 1,500 fewer car parking spaces in the town centre because the council says there are too many.

Slough needs family homes with gardens, Labour councillors loudly proclaimed a few years ago. In power again Labour have abandoned their pledges of family homes in favour of putting children in high rise flats. Surprisingly none of Labour's top people live in flats, not even the ones with young children. Is this double standards?

What can you do? Nothing. The people who have made Slough their home have no say. That is what the government calls local democracy.

Labour recently said in the newspapers this is what the public voted for. I never saw these choices on the ballot paper. Did you?

The Slough Party wants a fundamental reform of local government. We want you, the public, to vote on major issues not faceless councillors. If ordinary Swiss residents can vote on local matters, why can't the good people of Slough who pay the council's wages?


Paul Janik
The Slough Party.