29 July 2009
Keep Windsor's Fire Station Open at Nights

Closing Windsor's fire station at nights will be dangerous for everyone living in Slough and in Windsor.

Berkshire's fire brigade wants to increase Bracknell's fire appliances by closing Windsor's fire station at nights. The idea is Slough will cover the whole of Windsor, including Old Windsor, whilst also covering Slough's 150,000 population but without any increase in fire engines and crews.

For many years Slough and Langley fire stations have been short of fire appliances. When 2 fire engines leave Slough fire station to attend an emergency, this creates a shortage of fire engines at Slough to cover other emergencies. Langley fire station then dispatches one of its fire engines to Slough fire station to provide cover. The same thing happens in reverse when Langley sends out 2 fire engines, Slough sends a fire engine to Langley to provide cover.

As readers known, Labour's massive £650 million Heart of Slough scheme will create more congestion in the centre of Slough as well as attracting more than 8,000 extra people into densely packed roads with buildings 187 feet (57m) high. Slough will need more fire engines and crews to cover this greatly expanded risk to public safety.

Everyone in Slough should object to the proposed closure of Windsor's fire station at nights. Slough's fire station does not have sufficient capacity to do two jobs at night covering the whole of Slough and the whole of Windsor.

We urge the fire authorities to keep Windsor's fire station fully manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.