5 August 2009
Heart of Slough sinking? & public vote for top officials

Within a month of councillors voting like sheep to:-

  • replace Slough's university with 1,600 high-rise flats,
  • replace the main public library with a bed and breakfast hotel and,
  • despite severe opposition from the local bus company, replacing the bus station with a much smaller open air building,

Slough Borough Council's most senior director, Andrew Blake-Herbert, personally in charge of the massive town centre rebuilding project, announced he is leaving the council in 4 weeks time.

The director's possible replacement, Mike Jennings, has also decided to resign from Slough Council.

Is this a bad omen for the £650 million Heart of Slough scheme Labour imposed on unsuspecting local people ?

Slough Party's policy 21 says when applicants apply for jobs at Slough Borough Council paying over £100,000 per year, applicants CVs should be published in full in the council's own propaganda newspaper Slough Citizen. The local public should then be able to vote for the person they think would be best for our town of Slough.

The public pay millions every year for faceless bureaucrats to run Slough Council. The same faceless bureaucrats chose in secret which outsiders living 20 to 40 miles away should get the council's top jobs currently paying between £100,000 and £155,000 per year.

We want top council officials to be truly accountability to the public who pay their salaries, pension contributions, perks, long and generous holidays, unaccountable days off-sick et cetera. Anything else is dictatorship.


Paul Janik
Slough Party
Promoting Public Participation in Local Affairs.