25 August 2009
The Truth About Northern Road Chicanes

Richard Stokes' chicane article (Slough Express) shocked tens of thousands of local people who suffered from the absolutely dreadful and highly dangerous Northern Road and Cumberland Avenue improvement scheme forced on unsuspecting residents by an uncaring and arrogant Conservative and Liberal run council.

The shoddily designed scheme regularly caused massive traffic jams extending to St Anthony's Church on the Farnham Road while Stoke Poges Lane became grid-locked too.

Long queues of waiting vehicles caused air pollution levels to dramatically soar endangering the health of everyone living on the affected roads and those passing through.

The zig-zag, drive on the wrong side of the road, scheme was deeply unpopular with emergency services drivers, taxis and tens of thousands of other motorists.

Astonishingly Slough Borough Council admitted it never ever consulted households in the streets off Cumberland Avenue and Northern Road.

On 2 February 2006 the council's Assistant Director of Transport & Planning, Gillian Ralphs, recorded in council documents she had personally over-ruled a large residents petition against the scheme. Goodbye democracy.

The road was safer before the unwanted "improvements" were inflicted on an unwilling public. The roundabout at Villiers Road is more dangerous for cyclists who are forced towards the centre of the road into the path of cars coming from behind them.

Cllr Stokes should not attempt to re-write history or pretend the ghastly, hated, diabolical and dangerous scheme was good. It was utterly dreadful as everyone knows. I am glad it is gone.

The scheme wasted over £1/3 million of scarce public money when Cllr Richard Stokes was the chief councillor. Cllr Stokes also decided to knock down Slough's historic Town Hall. No wonder the public kicked-out his Tory-Liberal administration.


Paul Janik
The Slough Party.