2 September 2009
Slough Council wastes energy and money

Slough Borough Council's chief executive, Ruth Bagley, claims she wants to rescue the planet by reducing pollution and saving energy but she allows her staff to turn on outside lighting at 3:30 pm on bright sunny summer days. Its been going on for years in Baylis Park.

The council's love for wasting the public's money has spread to the Town Hall and the luxury 5 star council headquarters on the corner of Bath Road and Montem Lane where lights wastefully burn every day of the year. All this is visible from chief executive Ruth Bagley's office block.

Mrs Bagley lacks the courage to turn-off the stupid waterfall at the top of the steps outside her office at 51 Bath Road. The electric waterfall runs every minute of the day, every day of the year, but no one ever sees it. It provides no benefit to the people of Slough.

Tens of thousands of pounds can be saved every year by turning-off unnecessary lights and Ruth Bagley's waterfall.

Another energy wasting and pollution creating scheme is employing council staff who live so far away from Slough they have to drive 1.1/2 to 3 hours each way, every day. Recently departed Finance Director Andrew Blake-Herbert admitted for the last 7 years he was regularly stuck behind the wheel for 5 or more hours a day on the M25 travelling to and from his home in East London.

Council staff driving long distances to work are never going to arrive fresh for work yet Labour is forcing the public to pay high salaries to council staff too tired to do a proper day's work.

Long journeys create lots of pollution and waste energy. Council staff living many miles away from Slough have no affinity with our borough and they lack important knowledge about our town.

Some top staff frequently work from home, perhaps because they do not like driving to Slough. At home they are un-contactable by phone and email. There is no checking whether they are doing a whole day's work, or indeed any work, whilst working at home.

The Labour Party are supposed to be running the council for the benefit of the public. However Labour councillors under the leadership of Cllr Rob Anderson are not listening to the public. Abandoning and alienating so many local people is the best way to ensure Fiona MacTaggart looses her Slough seat at next year's general election.


Paul Janik
The Slough Party.