9 September 2009
Tesco Owned Traffic Lights

Tesco's massive store on Slough's Wellington Street has been open about 3 years.

During that time Tesco has consistently failed to transfer ownership and control of the 4 street lights outside the bus station (3 have not worked for 3 years) and the traffic lights and railings on the A4 outside its store to Slough Borough Council. These items remain the private property of Tesco. The council tells the public to report non-working traffic lights to Tesco Stores.

Slough Council is about to serve Tesco with legal demands that the Tesco owned footbridge is rapidly brought-up to an acceptable and safe standard of repair.

However it appears neither council chief executive Ruth Bagley nor Highways boss assistant director Gillian Ralphs (of Northern Road and Red Cow roundabout fame) are able to get the traffic lights, street lights and railings in Wellington Street transferred to the council's ownership.

Does Slough have the right type and calibre of expensive senior officials working for the public ? Could a bunch of school children do better ?

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.