7 October 2009
Keep Slough's Brunel Bus Station

All 41 of Slough's councillors should hang their heads in shame because in 3 weeks time, Labour Party councillors plan to demolish Slough's bus station replacing it with a much smaller one, further away from the High Street.

Labour's new bus station will be a more dangerous bus station because Labour wants single-decker and double-decker buses to reverse in and pick-up passengers. Everyone but Labour councillors seem to understand that buses are much, much longer than cars so repeatedly reversing buses into Labour's smaller cramped bus station many times every day will inevitably cause accidents. I hope no one gets injured or killed.

Labour councillors have launched their war on residents' private use of cars by abolishing 600 car parking spaces from the town centre just before Christmas. All the bus station car parking spaces will disappear in 3 weeks time. This will badly affected the public and badly affect town centre shops wanting to attract customers from outside Slough.

There is nothing structurally wrong with Slough's bus station. It is ideal for buses. Buses drive straight in and then straight out - never any dangerous reversing. The current bus station is a purpose built bus station entirely fit for buses. Admittedly council bosses have wasted public money on consultants and waterfalls instead of spending public cash on improving the bus station.

The Slough Party wants to keep the current Brunel bus station. It is a lot cheaper to clean-up than to demolish and build a smaller cramped and dangerous replacement further away from the High Street.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.