14 October 2009
Labour's Undemocratic Powerful Clique

Public unrest is growing about a tiny clique of powerful Labour councillors running Slough Council. They are neither democratic nor publicly accountable.

Instead of working harmoniously with local residents and councillors from all parties to devise ways of making our town a better and safer place to live, Labour's powerful clique are deciding all important matters at secret meetings with most Labour councillors excluded.

Labour's bosses then swagger-in to council meetings knowing their tame and often dumb bunch of councillors will be too afraid to protest in public. A poodle would do better.

Increasingly Labour's secretly made decisions are harming our town and upsetting residents. The beneficiaries are an army of consultants, rich property developers and wealthy land speculators. The public are being left with hefty bills for a run-down borough increasingly unfit to live-in, reduced or cancelled public services, a shortage of school places, destroyed public asserts, vanished public amenities and the pitiful wreck of a once great town all of us were justifiably proud of.

The public are partially to blame for not involving themselves in the running of Slough. Our town is too important to leave in the uncaring hands of a small arrogant and dictatorial Labour clique.

Come and see Labour in action at the next council meeting on Tuesday 24 November at 7 p.m. in Slough's historic Town Hall if Labour haven't bulldozed it. You can ask a public question at the meeting. Full details from 01753-875011 or 01753-875014 during office hours - do not leave it until the last minute.

Recent decisions made or approved by the Labour clique include refusing to consult residents about a 5 month long £360,000 Long Readings Lane road-narrowing and traffic humps scheme, the shocking selling of part of Upton Court Park at a 54% discount to an wealthy Irish property speculator, the futures of our historical Town Hall, bus station, Thames Valley University's Slough campus, council tax rises to pay for higher pensions for senior council officials and more.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.