19 October 2009
Slough Trading Estate's £650 million Scheme

The Trading Estates' massive £650 million re-development will take 20 years to complete.

£650 million spent over 20 years is £32.5 million a year.

4,100 new jobs over 20 years is 205 new jobs every year.

Labour's Mr Bulldozer, Cllr James Swindlehurst, said at the planning meeting on 14 October the Trading Estate scheme would do wonders for Slough but the development is not being done to benefit local people. It is being done to benefit Slough Estates whose corporate policy is to develop sites and then sell them for vast profits benefiting share holders and directors.

Slough is certainly not going to get 4,100 new jobs this year, next year or the year after. In fact the 4,100 new jobs is a guess of the possible total of new jobs over a 20 year period. Wild guesses can sometimes be wrong.

Likewise the £650 million investment is only a guess of what the Trading Estate might spend over 20 years.

No guarantee was given by the Trading Estate they would definitely spend £650 million in Slough or they would definitely create 4,100 new jobs to be filled only by Slough people.

Plans and predictions will inevitably change. If, in 5 or 10 years time, the Trading Estate changes its mind, their investment might be only £140 million or less. New jobs might be just 600 and be filled by people living in Bracknell, Readings and High Wycombe rather that people living in Slough.

Wise councillors would have asked detailed questions. Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems and IBR councillors did not. Some were totally silent through-out including John Finn and Robert Plimmer.

When one councillor asked for an official visit to the site, which stretches from Bath Road to Liverpool Road north of Buckingham Avenue, he was refused.

Councillors voted to give a 20 year blank cheque to the Trading Estate to do whatever it wishes includes building shops, tall hotels and tall office blocks.

The Slough Party is concerned the new Trading Estate shopping centre may cause some Farnham Road and Slough High Street businesses to close and move to the Trading Estate's new shopping centre.


Paul Janik
The Slough Party.