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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Labour boss James Swindlehurst stars in Private Eye

Slough Council's deputy Labour leader Cllr James Swindlehurst features in the new issue of Private Eye dated 1 October 2010.

Its in the Rotten Boroughs section on page 13.

Cllr Swindlehurst and his Labour councillors gave Labour Party branch chairman Iftikar Ahmed planning permission to build tiny sub-standard flats in Chapel Street on the south side of the High Street.

R O T T E N   B O R O U G H S


EARLIER this year Labour-controlled Slough council announced that it was going to tackle the problem of hundreds of illegal backyard dwellings, thought to house up to 5,000 migrant workers, failed asylum-seekers and others. The so-called "sheds with beds" which have been allowed to proliferate over the past decade have been compared to a third-world shanty town and are blamed for aggravating social problems and racial tensions.

One solution not in the council's plan was to give the green light for developers to build yet more sub-standard, third-world style accommodation, but that is what is happening - at least, as long as the developer is a pal of Labour members of the planning committee.

In July councillors granted permission for eight one-bed flats and eight bedsits in Chapel Street, near the town centre. Officers pointed out that the dwellings did not meet minimum standards on size of rooms or penetration of daylight, but the application was passed with the bizarre and unenforceable condition that no one should be permitted to live there for more than a year.

The applicant, Iftakhar Ahmed, is a member of Slough Labour party's general committee. As chairman of the combined wards of Cippenham (Cippenham Green & Cippenham Meadows) and Chalvey, he works closely with Cllr James Swindlehurst, a member of the planning committee who voted in favour of the scheme, along with four other Labour councillors in the same branch.

In the 1990s Iftakhar was banned from holding office in the Labour party for two years after an investigation into "racist and intimidatory behaviour"; and in 1989 he was convicted at Reading crown court of planning a violent gang attack on Sikhs. Happily Labour is once more proud to have him aboard.

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Labour's Deputy Leader of Slough Borough Council, Cllr James Charles Robert Swindlehurst said in a council press release:-

Living in sub-standard accommodation creates all kinds of public health issues, and also puts a strain on infrastructure and services which can cause everyone to suffer.

Compiled from Slough Borough Council records and other local sources.