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Sword Waving Tory Chairman threatens Tory Councillor

Armed Police Officers respond to a 999 call

Armed Police Officers responded to a 999 call made by Conservative Cllr Balwinder Dhillon after 'attack threats' from his newly elected branch chairman, 26 year old Gurcharan Singh.

On Saturday lunch time, 12 February 2011, at about 12:20 Cllr Balwinder Dhillon (Conservative, Upton) went to the home of the newly selected Slough East branch chairman, fellow Conservative Gurcharan Singh.

Cllr Dhillon states that Mr Singh opened his front door holding a one metre long sword and threatened to cut-off Cllr Dhillon's legs and cause him grievous physical harm.   According to Cllr Dhillon, Mr Singh ordered him off his property and took the sword into the garden to re-enforce the threat to harm Cllr Dhillon.

Councillor Shocked by Threats

Once in his car, parked outside on the pavement, Cllr Dhillon dialled 999 and reported the matter to Thames Valley Police.

While in a state of shock, Cllr Dhillon rang his wife who alerted his brother and a colleague who rushed to the scene of the incident in Mead Avenue, Langley.

Armed Police Arrive

Witnesses say between 4 and 7 police vehicles attended the 'major incident' and about 10 to 12 police officers were seen, some carrying loaded firearms.

Wife Urged Sword Carrying Husband to Behave

A witness said Mr Singh's wife, the mother of their 3 young children, urged her husband Gurcharan Singh not to take the sword out of their house.

Little locally is known about Mr Singh who moved to Langley from Southall about a year ago.   It is said Mr Singh works in IT (Information Technology).   In December 2010 Mr Singh's blue coloured Christmas cards were delivered to homes in Britwell ward, at the other end of the borough, as part of his campaign to be elected as a Conservative councillor at this May's local elections.

Conservative Party Not Commenting

The Conservative Association chairman for the whole of Slough, Waljinder 'Wal' Chahal, who is related to Cllr Dhillon by marriage, declined to comment on the serious incident.

The Conservative Party's Slough East branch covers the Slough wards of Upton, Langley Kedermister where Cllr Dhillon lives, Langley Foxborough, Langley St Mary's and Colnbrook.

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Gurcharan Singh's Version

Gurcharan Singh told the Slough Times Cllr Dhillon came to his home unexpected.

Mr Singh admitted having a one meter sword in his hand when he opened his front door but Mr Singh denies taking the sword outside his house. He claimed he had no bad intention.

Mr Singh says he does not have a garden, just a driveway outside his front door, and denies chasing Cllr Dhillon out of his garden.

Mr Singh's version of events is Cllr Dhillon ran away to the safety of his car parked on the pavement outside.

A Collection of Many Swords

Mr Singh said the police had not confiscated his full-size sword. He said he has a collection of many swords at his home and no one has complained.

An ad hoc telephone survey of local Sikh councillors revealed that none of the councillors the Slough Times interviewed, Satpal Parmar (Lab, Cippenham Meadows), Mewa Mann (Lab, Kedermister), Balvinder Bains (Lab, Upton) and Balwinder Dhillon (Conservative, Upton) possessed any full-size swords.

The Sikh councillors told the Slough Times traditional Sikhs who never cut their hair, as opposed to modern Sikhs who do, were the only group of Sikhs likely to have full-length swords but only a single sword. To have a collection of swords was unusual

Police On Scene for 40 Minutes

Both Cllr Dhillon and Mr Singh agreed the police were present for 40 minutes.

Police are said to have entered Mr Singh's home and found a full-size sword inside.

Thames Valley Police told the Slough Times:-

Thames Valley Police attended an address in Mead Avenue, Langley, shortly after 12.30pm on Saturday 12 February following two separate reports of a dispute where threats had been made.

Due to the mention of a sword being involved, shift officers who attended the address were supported by one armed response vehicle which is normal procedure.

Upon further investigation, no offences were found to have been committed and those involved were given suitable words of advice from officers. No arrests have been made.

Sword Owner Welcomes Publicity

Speaking about his new appointment as the Conservative Party's Slough East branch chairman Mr Singh said he was surprised to be selected and believed Cllr Dhillon was unhappy with his appointment.

Living in a small two-bedroom terraced house in a less-affluent area of Langley and telling the Slough Times he did not have a normal landline telephone at his home, only two mobile phones - one for personal calls and one for electioneering calls - Mr Singh was happy the incident would appear in local newspapers.

Gurcharan Singh announced to the Slough Times he was contesting Britwell ward for the Conservative Party in this year's council elections and volunteered to send a picture of himself to the Slough Times for inclusion with this article. Mr Singh is expected to lose badly on Britwell coming fourth.

Friday 18 February 2011

The Local Papers report

Slough Observer: 18 February 2011, page 3.

A brief mention, no names given of persons or street or political party.

Slough Express: 18 February 2011, page 5.

Quotations by Cllr Dhillon:

  • "My life was in danger"
  • "... he came out waving the sword in his hand although his wife was shouting to him to put it away."
  • "I don't have a Sikh sword but many temple activists like Gurcharan (Singh) have then at home."
  • "Nobody should answer the door holding a sword. People licensed to have firearms do not answer the door with a gun in their hand."

Mr Singh, a Gatka martial arts instructor, has a collection of 6 swords at his home. He found the encounter "laughable".

Quotations by Mr Singh:

  • "To my amazement about 14 policemen, some armed and carrying Tasars, arrived at the house."
  • "The one (a 1 metre long sword) that frightened Balwinder (Dhillon) was made in Britain and has a very sharp point. You can hurt yourself with them if you are not careful."

Saturday 20 December 2014

Another Gurcharan Singh, living in Southall, Middlesex (London Borough of Ealing) has contacted the Slough Times to distance himself from the sensational story, shown above, which involved a different and much younger Gurcharan Singh then resident in Langley.

Southall 'Singh' is, like the Langley 'Singh', a Conservative Party member.

Southall 'Singh' says he has been chosen as the Conservative Party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate ('PPC') for Slough in the May 2015 national elections.