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Friday 4 March 2011

Forged Tory Letter used in Visa Application

Pakistani political leader invited to Britain to campaign for Diana Coad


President: Peter-Dale Gough
Chairman: Wal Chahal
Deputy to the Chairman: Cllr Balwinder Dhillon
Deputy Chairman Political: Mohammed Sulemanjes, Deputy Chairman Membership: Tim Williams
Treasurer: Surinder Jabble, Secretary: Gurdeep Grewal

Dexter Smith
104 Wellesley Rd

10th February 2010

His Excellency, The President
Raja Zulkernain Khan
Presidents Enclave
Kashmir House

His Excellency, Raja Zulkernain Khan,

As you are aware it is election time again here in the UK. Not only will there be local elections, which elect local councillors, but we are expecting there to be General Elections on May 6th 2010, when constituencies will elect there Member of Parliament (MP).

As you took the initiative to support many of our MEP's during there elections, which I believe secured the seats for the likes of James Ellis MEP, Saijad Karim MEP ect.

I would like to know if you will have the time in the month of March to visit the UK and especially Slough, to help campaign for our parliamentary candidate, Diana Coad.

Slough has a mix of indigenous community and a large section of Kashmiris. I am aware that your community look toward yourself and your Chief Adviser Dr Z U Khan for guidance. The Kashmiri community in Slough hold the swing vote, and with your support we believe that we can win this election. Slough also has 4 Kashmiri councillors and has more who will contest the local elections.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Dexter Smith

SCA, PO BOX 3958, Slough, SL3 3GH.

The British Embassy in Pakistan

The British Embassy in Pakistan (in politically correct jargon the United Kingdom's Embassy or Her Majesty's Britannic Embassy), stated that in April 2010 the letter had been submitted with a visa application.

The letter's atrocious grammar and spellings made staff doubt the letter's authenticity. Upon discovering the letter was a forgery, the visa application was refused.

In former British colonies Britain names its embassies High Commissions in nostalgic memory of its former colonial reign.

The Letter's Mistakes

The letter gives Dexter Smith's address as '104 Wellesley Road'. Cllr Smith lives circa 3 miles away in Colnbrook.

'104 Wellesley Road' is the home of former Conservative councillor Mohammed Aziz. Mr Aziz is a Pakistani and, we understand, a Kashmiri.

Conservative Association Comment

The Slough Times contacted the Slough Conservative Association's president, Cllr Peter Dale-Gough, the husband of Cllr Diana Coad.

In an exclusive interview Cllr Dale-Gough told the Slough Times:-

Diana and Dexter are absolutely furious. Neither of them knew about this letter. Its not Dexter's signature. We know who did it. It was Aziz. He had no authority to use the Association for his private purposes. Everyone is angry and very upset.