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Thursday 17 March 2011, 13:35
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Cllr Rakesh Pabbi Arrested for Threats to Kill

Slough Borough's Ex-Labour, now Conservative, councillor bailed

Cllr Rakesh Pabbi, Slough's Conservative councillor for Colnbrook and Poyle appeared this morning in East Berkshire Magistrates Court at Bracknell.

Cllr Pabbi was charged with threats to kill a woman believed to be his wife.

Police Statement

Issued 13:06 on 17 March 2011

"Thames Valley Police can confirm that Rakesh Pabbi, aged 60, of Dawley Ride, Colnbrook, is charged with one count of threats to kill and is due to stand trial at Bracknell Magistrates' court on 18 April 2011.

"The charge relates to an incident involving a female on 21 August 2010.

"Pabbi is currently on court bail with conditions."

Elected as a Labour Councillor

Cllr Pabbi was elected in May 2007 as the Labour councillor for Slough's most easterly ward of Colnbrook & Poyle, on the western perimeter of London's vast Heathrow Airport complex.

On 8 June 2010, Cllr Pabbi abandoned the Labour Party and joined the Conservative Party. It was claimed, at that time, his "defection" to the Tories was engineered by Conservative Cllr Pervez Choudhry, himself a "defector" from Labour to Conservatives in May 2009. Cllr Diana Coad, the wife of Conservative councillor Peter Dale-Gough, publicly claimed the credit for Cllr Choudhry's "defection" to the Conservative Party.

Not living at Home

Although Thames Valley Police's statement mentioned Cllr Pabbi's home address, Cllr Pabbi is known to have been living at a different address in Colnbrook, at Coleridge Crescent, for several months following rumours of marital problems.

Thursday 17 March 2011, 16:10

Later Press Reports

The Slough Observer says

  • Cllr Pabbi was arrested on 21 August 2010.
  • At today's magistrates' court hearing the main witness against Cllr Pabbi was given permission, at the forthcoming trial, to give evidence from behind a screen.

None of Slough's Conservatives, including the Leader of the Conservative councillors Peter Dale-Gough, seems to have known what had been going-on. Although claiming to be a united close-working political group in frequent contact with each other, local political figures claim the Tories have for several years been split into 3 fractions "at war with each other".

In a panic response Cllr Dale-Gough said the earliest the Conservatives can react will be at an emergency meeting of Conservative councillors on Tuesday next week, 22 March 2011.

Thursday 17 March 2011, 18:47

Friend claims Cllr Pabbi victim of acrimonious divorce split

A councillor friend of Cllr Pabbi has telephoned the Slough Times alleging Cllr Pabbi is innocent and incapable of hurting anyone. The friend claims the complaint to the police is flimsy, unsubstantiated and was made to disadvantage Cllr Pabbi when the couple's possession are divided in a pending divorce settlement.

The friend believes Tory Group Leader Cllr Peter Dale-Gough should refrain from over-reacting, by possible expelling or suspending Cllr Pabbi from the rapidly shrinking Conservative Group, until a court of law has determined Cllr Pabbi's innocence or guilt. "In this country Cllr Pabbi is innocent until proven guilty" the friend loyally said.

Tuesday 1 November 2011
Charges Dropped

Thursday 3 November 2011

The Slough Express (SLEX) newspaper reports the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) presented no evidence. Thus the case collapsed. However before that happened the SLEX reports that the magistrates urged the police and CPS to drop the charges when it became evident Mrs Pabbi would not testify against her husband.

The SLEX reports Mr Pabbi saying:-

The divorce petition is also being withdrawn. We will have a family meeting to discuss reconciliation. I knew the charge would not stand up in court. I have never threatened to harm a hair on her head.

Another source states the initial complaint to the police was made, vindictively, by a new member of the Labour Party who was aggrieved by Mr Pabbi switching political parties from Labour to Conservative.

That source also states that the primary witness, Mrs Pabbi, tried repeatedly to have the case against her husband discontinued but police officers, said to have unprofessional links to Labour Party members, kept ignoring her pleas.

Thames Valley Police stated they will investigate why they pursued a case against Mr Pabbi.