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Wednesday 20 April 2011

Labour Dumps Leaflets in Cippenham Front Gardens

How not to impress people especially if you want their vote

Returning to his Bower Way, Cippenham, home this afternoon, Chris Arnold found several election leaflets, featuring Labour candidate Pat O'Connor, dumped in his front garden - not put through his easy to see letterbox.

A crumpled leaflet had been placed on a large paving stone in the front garden; another laid neatly on his front door mat - both waiting to be blown away with the slightest gust of wind.

Mr Arnold has complained to the local Labour Party and to Slough's MP, multi-millionairess Fiona MacTaggart (Labour), saying "For a party that purports to be interested in keeping Cippenham tidy, you sure have a weird way of showing it.".

Mr Arnold then makes an excellent point, seemingly lost on Labour's leaflet deliverers, that it is actually easier to put an election leaflet through the waist level letterbox rather than bend down and place it on the front door mat.

Opposition election candidate Conservative Maurice Stanmore told the Slough Times "This shows Labour's complacent behaviour. Respect for residents has vanished. It is not difficult to put a leaflet through a letterbox."

The Slough Times has asked Cllr O'Connor, who lives not in Cippenham but in Burnham near the Five-Points crossroads, for a comment.

Voter Chris Arnold also asked whether Labour had decided to drive along streets throwing their election leaflets out of their car windows into gardens instead of taking time to deliver them in the more conventional manner.