Monday, 20 May 2019
Thursday 21 July 2011

Parents Forcing UK Daughters Into Unlawful Marriages

Victims often raped, beaten and treated like Third Class citizens

Forced marriages among the South Asian communities of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian descendants living in modern Britain continues despite it being a crime and a Human Rights violation.

  1. Coerced young women, amazingly some are young teenage girls, are sent to their parents' mother country and forced into marrying men they dislike or even hate and detest. Ugly men, bad breath and horrible body odours matter not to domineering parents insistent on perpetuating the old customs.
  2. Do such parents truly love, respect and treasure their own daughters ?
  3. Future husbands, eager for a tasty and pretty young female for sex and household chores and work in the fields, may be of a similar age to their unwilling victim but sometimes the husbands can be ten, twenty, thirty or even forty years older than their unwilling bride.
  4. Someone should mention to these strange parents, whose fundamental beliefs are contrary to British social values, that it used to be the custom in England to hang starving people caught stealing a loaf of bread. However in modern and enlightened England that 'old custom' is so preposterous it is now a very serious crime.
  5. Sex with a too young person or an unwilling person is rape yet the victim's freely given consent is never considered in this traditional centuries old custom of forcing vulnerable young women into abusive marriages. The wife is treated as the properly of her husband just like a goat or a cow.
  6. Why should British based Moslem communities permit and encourage, by failing to stop, woman abuse to flourish in modern Britain in the guise of traditional homeland values ?
  7. If sexual and physical abuse of anyone is wrong, why are some allegedly law-abiding South Asian families living in Britain promoting this unacceptable behaviour ?
  8. If those families genuinely love their own daughters, why are they sentencing their own flesh and blood to a life of sexual and physical abuse ? Are they selling their daughters for Money, for Personal Pride or because they hate and loath their own vulnerable and defenceless young daughters ?
  9. In some documented cases, only a few are ever reported, girls and women who protest against their forced marriages are often beaten and treated harshly. In a few cases some have had acid thrown into their faces to permanently scar and disfigure them - obviously demonstrating the love, affection and respect for them by their abusive husbands. If this treatment is "love" God help us.
  10. Some girls and women have been killed by their own families for daring to object to their family-arranged forced marriage.
  11. Because forced marriages continue to occur among some predominately Moslem communities in Britain, The JAN Trust • www.jantrust.org • 020-8889 9433 a London based women's charity, started their Anti-Forced Marriages Campaign in Slough, a densely populated town 22 miles (35 km) west of London and 8 miles (13 km) west of Europe's busiest airport, Heathrow (code EGLL).
  12. The JAN Trust campaign launched on 18 July is called 'Mujboor'. Mujboor means 'Forced' in Urdu, an Indian language used predominately by Moslems.
  13. Slough has an exceptionally large population, originating from the Indian sub-continent, of mainly Sikhs from the Punjab area of India and Moslems from Punjab and Kashmir areas of Pakistan. However many younger people of Asian appearance were born in England and, despite their skin colour, choice of food and customs inherited from their parents, are English with British nationality.
  14. In some Slough households, Asian fathers exert a surprising degree of influence over their children, especially daughters even, as witnessed by the Slough Times, unmarried hospital doctors in their mid-twenties.
  15. Despite modern education in the western world, some daughters in some South Asian families have grown-up dominated by strict parents and consequently are brain-washed into complying with their parent's orders even when those orders are fundamentally wrong and a crime.
  16. School education alone is often insufficient to equip all of Britain's young women of Asian appearance with the ability to assert their lawful right to marry the person of their own free choice.
  17. The JAN Trust believes its campaign to promote a woman's right to choose her own partner will benefit young women in predominately Pakistani communities like Slough where some fathers insist their teenage daughters, on returning home from school, immediate change into long black costumes completely covering themselves and then avoid all contact with non-family males despite attending a co-ed (mixed gender) school and talking (without family permission) to boys at school.
  18. In the same households, wives are confined to working in the kitchen while their husbands enjoy a relaxed life and are never observed sharing the household chores or caring for their children. Many white western males lost this 'do nothing life of home luxury and laziness' 40 or 50 years ago.
  19. The JAN Trust wants to organise a series of workshops, intended for young and older members of the Moslem community, to significantly increase awareness of the dreadful problem of forced marriages and to offer support to victims, both actual and potential. The JAN Trust hopes to educate mothers to ensure that their daughters will never become a victim of an often violent forced marriage.
  20. When do arranged marriages become forced marriages ? It is not a problem restricted to the Moslem community because it happens among Slough's Sikhs and Hindus too.