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Saturday 24 September 2011

Northborough's Potholed Roads - Who Cares ?

Brian Hewitt begins this year's campaign to find Slough's worse potholes

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

When Slough Council fails to fill-in potholes, residents inevitably get annoyed.

Opposition councillors have no power and virtually no ability to get slovenly, lethargic and lazy Slough Borough Council to serve the public who pay their wages.

In the north of Slough, between the Slough Trading Estate and the much geographically larger Britwell Estate, is the 1,100 dwellings Northborough Estate.

On the Northborough, in the best traditions of sub-standard housing promoted by the despicable Labour Party, live Human Beings in small houses and tiny flats with inadequate living space and among social deprivation, long term unemployment, vandalism and crime.

Those responsible for this unappealing estate would never live there. Decent men, women and children have no choice.

Retired councillor Brian Hewitt, 64, a Northborough resident, is angry about the Labour council's routine road neglect and the pothole problem in Northborough's main peripheral Scarfell Road.

Ex-Cllr Hewitt is threatening to repair the potholed road himself with the equivalent of quick-drying tarmac. The Slough Times wonders if Slough Council will refund the costs.

Local community activist Brian Hewitt, formerly a Liberal (not Lib Dem) councillor

Ex-Cllr Hewitt told the Slough Times the potholes have been allowed to develop and now contribute to degradation of the road surface. Unless repaired before winter, they will worsen and cost council tax payers even more money to repair.

Mr Hewitt pointed-out the stark contrast between the state of Northborough roads and Burnham Lane in the same Haymill ward.

Brian Hewitt says Scarfell Road is littered with potholes which are dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Elected in May 2011, Cllr Wayne Strutton emailed the Slough Times on 13 September 2011:-

I think you will find out that Cllr Anna Wright has made several attempts relating to Pot holes on Northborough and our part of the Britwell. As well as the blocked drains on their footpaths!

Cllr Anna Wright told the Slough Times on 25 September:-

I made a map with potholes and requested their repair. Cllr Wayne Strutton and I will have a meeting with Highways in October, so we will attempt this issue again.

Our reporter and regular cyclist Paul Janik photographed the potholes on 22 August 2011. On 25 September 2011, more than a month later nothing has been done. The potholes present a road safety hazard particularly for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Slough Borough Council, whose chief councillor is Labour boss Rob Anderson, have failed to notice the glaringly obvious potholes. If Cllr Rob removed his sun glasses he would see this is more factual evidence of his failing and indifferent council which on occasions frivolously wastes scarce public money.

Slough Borough Council pays its chief executive Ruth Bagley circa £186,000 a year plus generous holidays and perks. Mrs Bagley has publicly claimed Slough is:-

We wonder when the public will see Labour's high performing services

Mrs Bagley has posed for Proud to be Slough photographs.

We say a feeder-road littered with potholes makes an area appear neglected and scruffy. On behalf of the public, Slough Times reporter Paul Janik is asking Mrs Bagley to get the potholes repaired.

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