Monday, 20 May 2019
Saturday 29 October 2011

Dangerous Illegal Fireworks Causes Fire

Quick Spreading Fire Threatening House & Occupants

A hardworking Britwell couple, away for a relaxing weekend break. had their peaceful tranquillity interrupted by a phone call saying their house was on fire.

Saturday evening's usual silence was broken by non-stop loud bangs, similar to the noise of distress flares used by ships at sea. The bangs were so loud residents could not hear their television sets.

The fireworks seemed extra strong and do not resemble the type used by families in their back gardens. A week before bonfire night, a small minority seemed to go mad letting-off extra powerful fireworks that woke up sleeping children, frightened residents' pets and created an annoying and irritating disturbance.

One firework hit a wooden back garden gate, bursting into flames and quickly starting a fierce blazing fire. Flames spread up the outside wall of the end-of-terrace home and on to the roof of a neighbour's garage.

Luckily the couple's grown-up children were at home and phoned the fire brigade.

Planning for the worse, three fire engines were dispatched. Two quickly arrived by different routes in Long Readings Lane while a third arrived in nearby Northcroft. Two police cars and a police van also arrived immediately followed by an ambulance.

Firemen quickly brought the blaze under control and then spent more than 40 minutes dousing the large amount of smouldering debris, hosing the house wall and putting-out the fire in a neighbour's garage.

As soon as the police arrived at the scene, all the loud noisy fireworks abruptly stopped. But the damage had been done. The back gate, the 6 feet high wooden fence and personal property in the garden had been completely destroyed by the blaze. Property in the neighbour's garage was damaged by water used to extinguish the roof fire

Speaking to the Slough Times on the following day, the house owner thought the fireworks must have been 'exhibition fireworks' intended for carefully supervised public displays. The house owner was unsure whether the damage would be covered by his household insurance.