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Monday, 31 October 2011

Labour Party desperate to stop members' revolt

Anti-Anderson secret plot creates Labour crisis

Some of the Indian sub-continent Asian Labour councillors have resented the control and dominance imposed on them by the whites, predominately by Cllrs Rob Anderson (council group Leader) and James Swindlehurst (council group deputy Leader).

Secretly some have planned to overthrow the Labour councillors exclusively white leadership and choose a brown face instead as leader of the Labour councillors.

The First Signs of a Revolt

The first visible signs of a serious challenge to the white leadership occurred when Cllr Natasha Pantelic (a white) failed to be re-selected by Baylis ward members as their official Labour candidate. The victor was a young Sikh woman, pleasant, friendly but with no experience of life and no passionate commitment to serving the public; but neither has Natasha Pantelic.

Normally the local Labour hierarchy have effective control over candidate selections, but not on this occasion.

When Cllr Rob Anderson (a white) detected he risked being shoved-out of Farnham ward, after 11 years as one of their ward councillors, he knew his expected replacement would be an elderly, and not very effective, Sikh, whom Anderson & Co. had shoved-out the previous year in favour of a preferred new Moslem candidate.

Anderson appeals to Regional Office

Cllr Anderson personally complained to Labour's regional office in Reading.

Cllr Anderson & Co. realised they have no hope of getting Labour's ordinary branch members to sign a request for regional office intervention.

With Moslems constituting the greatest proportion of local Labour Party members and naturally expecting a Moslem to become the chief councillor, the keep-whites-in-power campaign had no chance.

Labour's white hierarchy pressured their councillors to sign an emergency motion to formerly justify the regional office's involvement in local Labour Party affairs. That motion is shown below.

Its strange because candidate selections are undertaken by branch members and not by subsequently elected councillors.

Labour Councillors' Emergency Motion

Emergency motion to Labour Group meeting 31/10/11

Moved by Councillor Mohammed Sharif (Vice Chair)
Seconded by Councillor Mohammed Rasib (Chief Whip)

Slough Constituency Labour Party membership issues

Slough Labour Group notes the formal complaints and allegations made that there has been an organised campaign of membership abuse within Slough Constituency Labour Party. The Group is concerned that this activity appears to be taking place in several wards around the Borough, and notes the complaints which have been made in specific reference to the memberships of Farnham and Cippenham Green wards, with the aim of destabilising the Labour Group and deselecting Labour Councillors, against whom no concerns have been raised by the Group Whip. The allegations that individuals may be driving this activity for their own personal gain / to further their business interests is particularly serious.

As this alleged membership abuse appears to be motivate for the purpose of influencing Labour's council candidates selection process, and thus those who will sit as part of this Group, the Group resolves to:

  1. Condemn any membership abuse, or activity which seeks to influence the selection process outside of the prescribed remit for ward members to select who shall represent them
  2. Mandate Labour Councillors to report this activity to the Regional Director when they become aware of it
  3. Request the intervention of the Regional Labour Party in Slough Labour Party's Borough selection process to ensure it is run fairly and equitably and upholds the rules, processes and standards of the Labour Party as set out by the NEC and the formal guidance issued by the party.

Not supported by all Labour councillors

Sources say some Labour councillors abstained, including:-

  • Cllr Paul Sohal
  • Cllr Suki Dhaliwal

Behind the Scenes

Privately the local Labour Party hierarchy claimed a named external individual was organising membership irregularities in Baylis, Farnham, Cippenham Green and Kedermister wards.

Labour bosses insisted newly joined members of their Party in those wards, whose subscriptions had been paid in cash, had been secretly recruited to vote for the selection of a Labour candidate who, when elected in those strongly Labour wards, would favour planning applications of financial benefit to the named external individual.

Labour's local General Committee (GC) passed an emergency motion criticising the alleged hanky-panky. Labour bosses quickly arranged for a similar motion to be endorsed by their councillors.