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Thursday 3 November 2011

Incompetent Council Officials Waste £2,679.84

Another public swindle under the reign of Cllr James Swindlehurst?

Emulating the scandalous wasteful habits of Slough Council's top officials, the Council's Highways Department poured £2,679.84 down the drain on 9 completely unnecessary metal bollards.

The bollards, complete with reflective strips, enable pedestrians to see them in the dark, before stepping into the road to walk around the pavement obstruction.

Old bollards in white. New bollards in black.

The bollards, scattered over the Shackleton Road pavement by the council's monopoly contractor Slough Enterprise, whose workmanship sometimes looks unprofessional, unsafe and shoddy, are now causing problems for blind and partially sighted people, mothers with prams and pushchairs and disabled people in wheelchairs and buggies trying to move along the pavement.

Local people told the Slough Times they are mystified by the bollard invasion which happened on 18 October.

Residents say the bollards are ugly, senseless and degrade their neighbourhood.

Slough Council claims the new bollards, between Queen's Road and Shackleton Road, encourage cycling.

Slough Council also stated that without the installation of the 9 metal bollards, cyclists could not cycle between Queen's Road and Shackleton Road.

This is disputed by Slough Party cyclist Paul Janik who regularly uses the route. Mr Janik told the Slough Times he was stunned by Slough Council's stupidity. Mr Janik also pointed-out that Slough Council had erected a signpost directing cyclists to use the pavement between Shackleton and Queens Roads. He asks:-

Why does Slough Council urgently need to waste public cash on 9 bollards ?

The view from Shackleton Road looking eastwards along Queens Road

Mr Janik said a white bicycle symbol painted on the pavement between two parallel dotted-lines, or the words 'No Parking' would have cost less than £50 and less than 2% of the £2,679.84 bollards cost. He added:-

The new bollards are unsafe for blind pedestrians, mothers with pushchairs and disabled residents in wheelchairs and buggies.

Frankly this latest example of shocking council incompetence and waste of the public's money is scandalous.

Slough Council responds

Reacting to adverse public criticism, Slough Council have now said they will remove some of the 9 bollards.

Shackleton Road looking southwards

The Slough Times wonders if Slough Council's anonymous and unaccountable officials will expect the public to pay for their officials latest mistakes.

Amazingly it seems the council's notorious Highways Department, under the leadership and supervision of Gillan Ralphs, literally did not have a clue what it was doing.

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