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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Labour Party Members Reject Cllr Rob Anderson

Labour's disgruntled Sikhs fight White dominated leadership

MP Fiona MacTaggart's prediction, made several months ago in October this year, came true when Labour's council leader Cllr Rob Anderson was rejected by his ward's members on Saturday evening 10 December 2011.

Labour's council leader (the highest ranking of all elected councillors) lost his re-selection bid for Farnham ward. After 11 years as a ward councillor, party members rejected him and chose a candidate who lives in the ward.

Miss MacTaggart's unwelcome Christmas present, seen as a nightmare by Labour's ruling clique, happened at a heated and acrimonious meeting of Labour's Farnham ward members held at The Centre, Farnham Road.

Traditionally Labour's White elite swaggered around the borough acting and feeling superior to everyone else. Obsessed not by their potential for genuine community service and general public betterment but by political power at any cost, sheer arrogance and a keen interest in any available deals.

The majority of Labour Party members in Slough are from the Indian sub-continent (ISC). Most members are semi-literate, deferential and obedient to their political masters.

For many years the ISC Asians remained subservient. However their understanding of the local political situation gradually increased.

What caused the members' revolt ?

What made normally loyal, obedient and docile Labour Party members turn their backs on Cllr Rob Anderson ? Was it genuine community issues, Cllr Anderson's often criticised ineffectiveness as chief councillor, internal Labour politics or an ISC Asian revolt against the local White leadership of Slough's notorious Labour Party ?

Last year the leadership's preferred candidate Sohail Munawar, a Moslem, was selected by a 'packed' ward meeting. The incumbent councillor Joginder Bal, a Sikh, was ousted amid claims of dodgy membership abuse had given the leadership's candidate an unfair advantage.

This year ex-Cllr Bal was determined to win the selection contest, even against his political master. He did. Cllr Anderson was distraught and excessively annoyed. Only Cllr Anderson can say whether this was the reason he personally complained to Labour's regional office in Reading.

Sources say Rob Anderson will try for Britwell where the ward membership is few, weak and susceptible to suggestions.

The Centre : Another Labour 'white elephant'

The Centre - Labour's trade mark white elephant in the Farnham Road, north-east of the London to Bristol railway line is, at the rear, one of the ugliest buildings in Slough.

It provides privacy-intruding views into private back gardens of neighbouring houses and worse, into their bedrooms too.

Created by demolishing a thriving, appreciated and much used community facility known to many as The Slough Community Centre, Labour sold the southern of the four landmark blocks to become a Tax Office. The remaining 3 became 'The Centre' - another money-draining disaster.

Forcing-out pensioners who had met there on Wednesday afternoons since the 1930's and all through the bombings and air raids of the Second World War (1939-1945), shunned by businesses and despised by many, Labour's monument to sterility, desecration of community facilities and arrogant misuse of public funds, remains like a senseless blot on the once cherished landscape.

The site was the original Heart of Slough; opened by the King and Queen in the 1930's. Provided by the Trading Estate's founders for the education and relaxation of all workers it had snooker halls, a long indoor swimming pool and even a public library.

Unsuitable for commercial office use, it inefficiently houses remnants of council staff. Locals want the virtually unused monster demolished. Meanwhile creative accountancy conceals the true cost to council tax payers.