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  • Vigil for Philmore Mills killed in Hospital

    Sick patient killed on the floor of ward 9 while in police custody

    This evening in the bitter winter cold, a dead man's family, friends and supporters assembled outside the main entrance to Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

    They came to hold a candle-lit vigil in memory of 57 year old Philmore Mills, the local man who died in strange, unexplained and tragic circumstances in the hospital's ward 9 sometime between 02:00 and 03:00 hours in the early morning of 27 December 2011.

    Philmore Mills' family outside the hospital's main entrance

    Philmore Mills had been forced down on his chest onto the floor of ward 9 by Thames Valley Police officers who then handcuffed the sick patient's hands behind his back.

    After the police had handcuffed the ill patient, who normally wore an oxygen mask while in the hospital's High Dependency ward, someone - we do not know who - observed the patient now in the official custody of Thames Valley Police was not breathing. Then panic broke-out. The emergency resuscitation team was urgently summoned but it was too late.

    The seriously ill hospital patient, not wanted by the police but forced down onto the floor of ward 9 and then handcuffed by police officers as if he was a highly dangerous criminal, was dead.

    Philmore Mills R.I.P. had become another of the growing number of Deaths in Police Custody. Justice or even an Inquest is guaranteed to take several years while the hospital and the police perfect their versions of the deeply troubling events that caused this avoidable tragedy.

    Cold mourners continue their vigil at the hospital

    The grieving family were joined by friends and supporters. Everyone was distraught.

    Neither the hospital nor the police were willing to say anything. An official wall of silence now separates the family from the precise circumstances of Philmore Mills' premature death in police custody.

    The police, renowned for their vigorous, persistent and sometimes abusive questioning of suspects, had decided their own police officers should be treated delicately with extra-soft cotton wool.

    On this occasion the police officers involved in the middle of the night handcuffing of a ill patient in the hospital's High Dependency ward and present at the moment of the patient's death were treated noticeably different than a normal member of the public.

    The authorities silence is far from reassuring. It makes the public worried and suspicious.

    The family want justice for Philmore. They wants answers.

    The Philmore Mills assembly were joined by family members from the Justice for Paps campaign. Habib Ullah, known as 'Paps', died in the custody of Thames Valley Police in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. His death happened on 3 July 2008 but 3.1/2 years later there has been no criminal charges against the police officers and no Inquest either.

    In England there are two systems of justice, so it seems. One for the police and a much more severe system for everyone else.