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Last updated 1 March 2012 12:00
Monday 13 February 2012

Residents Complain About Slough Council's Modern Art

Council's “Proud to be Slough” artwork fails to impress the public

Report and photographs: Paul Janik

In the middle of Wexham Road, between Broadmark Road and the canal bridge, is a traffic island spouting three black plastic tubes.

Locals say this modern art display was created by Slough Borough Council about 4 years ago. The same locals call it ugly and say it's presence makes the neighbourhood look scruffy and neglected.

The managing director of a local business told the Slough Times

Looks like you've found the latest Art at the Centre installation.

Wonderful isn't it ? Probably cost the Council Tax payer a few thousand and will soon fall apart and not be maintained.

Most modern public art in Slough falls apart within 6 months and then gets wrapped-up in black and yellow tape because it is a Health and Safety problem!

The Slough Times has asked Slough Borough Council these questions:

(1) How much did the Wexham Road Modern Art cost Counci Tax payers ?

(2) When was it created ?

(3) What is it supposed to represent ?

(4) Is this another example of the council's Proud to be Slough campaign or is it part of the council's Art at the Centre display ?

(5) How many consultants were involved in the planning, siting and construction of this modern art ?

Local Art Critic Joins Debate

A surprised local art critic, more commonly associated with reviews of the national exhibits at popular London art galleries rang the Slough Times with this comment:-

The worrying thing is that this matter could gain momentum and SBC will end up actually winning some Contemporary Art Competition.

A Visitor from Abu Dhabi Commented

SBC may even get to the Tate Gallery with 'modern art' of this standard!

Thursday 1 March 2012

Slough Borough Council statement

The Highways works including the alteration of the junction and construction of a new mini roundabout were funded and carried out for Iqra School (Developer) by their contractor (ROK) in order to provide vehicular & pedestrian access to the new school site. These works were carried out under a s278 agreement between Iqra School and Slough Borough Council.

The exposed black plastic ductwork was installed by ROK on behalf of the developer (Iqra School) as part of the works. The ductwork remains exposed as the works were left incomplete due to the contractor (ROK) going bankrupt in November 2010, since then the works have not resumed on site.

The exposed ductwork is intended for the electrical connections required for the installation of 'keep left' directional bollards

A stage 3 road safety audit has been carried out under instruction from Slough Borough Council, this identified both works which required immediate attention and other works which could be carried out at a later date. We have asked the developer to deal with all the issues in a timely way and are still awaiting a positive response.

Slough Borough Council is now considering carrying out the works which are deemed as essential/urgent in order to maintain the safety of the roundabout. The developer would be recharged for any costs involved with implementing of these works.

Slough Borough Council would still be expecting the developer to complete any other outstanding works which form the less urgent elements of the scheme.

[SOLA 010906]