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Thursday 23 February 2012
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  • Philmore Mills : Family & Friends plan second vigil

    Friday, 2 March outside Slough Police Station, starts 19:00

    The grieving family of Langley man, 57 year old Philmore Mills, who died in police custody at Wexham Park Hospital at about 2:30 am on the morning of 27 December 2011, are holding a second candle-lit vigil to commemorate his sudden, unexpected and unexplained death.

    Philmore Mills, admitted to Wexham Park Hospital on 21 December 2011, was suffering from pneumonia. After several days in Intensive Care he was transferred on 24 December to the chest, heart and respiratory illnesses ward 9.

    In the early hours of 27 December, Philmore Mills became restless and distressed.

    Thames Valley Police officers, who were present at the hospital for an unrelated reason, decided in the middle of the night to restrain the sick and frail 57 year old.

    Mr Miles was allegedly dragged out of a bedside chair by police who forced him face-down on the ward floor. The police then handcuffed his hands behind his back. Suddenly someone noticed Philmore Mills was unresponsive. He had stopped breathing. Frantic and desperate attempts by the hospital's emergency 'crash team' to resuscitate Philmore failed. He was completely dead.

    The family's first candle-lit vigil was held outside the main entrance of Wexham Park Hospital on Friday 27 January. It was attended by about 25 family members and friends.

    The next, the second in a series of vigils, will be held outside Slough Police Station, Windsor Road, Slough on Friday 2 March 2012 starting at 19:00 hours and lasting an estimated 1.1/2 hours until 20:30.


    We understand the family have a long list of very overdue questions the authorities have not answered. Two months after the death of Philmore Mills explanations are not flowing from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to the family directly or via the family's solicitor. The family are anxious, puzzled and disappointed they are being kept in the dark about their father's tragic and unexplained death in police custody.

    Concerns have been expressed about the police's conduct of the investigation.